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Default Re: I Hope That Most Of The Gripes Here Are In Fu

I have two big gripes that I`m willing to share. One is that I can`t get on the ship til Sept 28.
The other is I haven`t seen hardly anyone going on the Pride on that date.
I haven`t gotten real cranky about it yet.
Met alot of good people on the boards for the Magic last year. Had alot of fun getting to know them. We hung out some on the ship. It was good to see people that you had been talking to for monthes and finding that your ideas of what some of them would look like was totally wrong. Others it was dead on.
So I guess I really am lucky that my gripes are so piddly. I`m not worring about how to smuggle booze on the ship. Not worried if my drink from room service might be a little watery. Or wheather gramps or junior have their pull ups on. Just make sure there is plenty of food on the ship and fuel in the tanks. We`ll take care of the rest.
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