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In reading posts on a couple of cruiseboards lately I've noticed something that alarms me. People who not only have tips added to their sign & sail accts., but tip more cash on top of it! (Like someone tipped in cash in David's Supperclub AND on their sign & sail card for the same dinner. Or people leave extra cash in their cabins on a daily basis just for ice, which we have always automatically gotten from our stewards as part of standard service.) Don't get me wrong. I know the crew really works hard & we generally do tip more than the recommended amount. I'm all for perhaps an occassional extra, on the spot, reward (for room service or a special task well done or special request met.) But what i'm talking about sounds like it is about to become the norm! Is there something about not handing the crew their cash filled envelopes that makes people feel they aren't really tipping? Don't forget, we ARE PAYING to go on a cruise & one of the most important selling points of a cruise is the pampering & great service. This is to be EXPECTED on a cruise. So, to those of you who are set on tipping grandly, can't you just do it one way or the other? Remember, you can chose any amount you'd like on your sign & sail. Pretty soon those of us who tip the regular way or can't afford to greatly overtip everyone will be priced off the ship!
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