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Default Re: how long is too long to hold a deck chair?

I don't think that those who comment about deck chair hogs are referring to your actions at all. If you come on deck and are using the pool , of course you will need a place for your stuff while you swim. However.go for a morning stroll before breakfast and watch people, fully dressed , come out and put two towels and a paper back book on a pair of "prime" chairs that they have no intention of occupying until 11 oclock. Or, watch a couple get up to go back to their cabin to change for lunch and listen to them say that they'll come back to the chairs when bingo is over at 4:30. Or perhaps watch someone go over and spread "stuff" out on a prime outdoor table at 10:30 so they'll have a good place to eat when they go to the buffet at 1:30. One of my favorate cruise activities is people watching. I love to watch the chair hogs and I love to watch the people trying to figure out whether the chairs are truly "taken" or not. That said, this is really small stuff and just something some of us enjoy griping about. Griping is fun it keeps you from taking most of this stuff too seriously when you are actually cruising.
Be careful if you move someone's towel, it might belong to Rick and he won't be happy about that.
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