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Default Re: how long is too long to hold a deck chair?

Who exactly is going to time over a thousand passengers? Do you get to tag up and start over again? This stuff sounds great until you read it aloud. You will always have people who think the ship is their's and their's only. RCCl has made it so convenient for smokers to smoke on one side and non smokers to be on the other side of the deck, It is marked very clearly. The same chair hogs are the same people who cut all lines, smoke in non smoking areas and let their kids roam freely through the night. The great thing about rude people is they make the others look so much better.

I will say that as long as you don't reserve the entire area(saw that alot last week on explorer) You should be able to get on deck early and stay with your stuff while your family gets a cup of coffee.
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