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Default Re: Cozumel - not to impressed (Carlos & Charlies)


Whoever told you that Carlos and Charlie's was a family restaurant really played a good April fool's on you. I went to Mexico 3 times and never went. I was always told about C&C and the things that happen there. Well this 4th time I went recently and I made my way to C&C's around 11:00 am and had lunch and nothing was going on. We left. Found out around 1p.m things started up. My hubby wouldn't get into that stuff and he don't drink. I on the other hand would have love to see what all the hypes about but I'll just have to go another time. My Cousin and his new wife just went on the Conquest and they said the best time they had was at C&C's and he doesn't drink and his wife and him are kinda shy people but had a blast. I have to agree with Jim, I mean once you heard the partying going on it should have told you it wasn't a place for kids to be. Let this be a lesson for all, just because one person recommends a place is great, do more research, make sure your kids will be able to get in and that it will be family friendly. These are some great boards ask lots of questions. The first time I was told about C&C's I was told about the shots, the booby shaking and all sorts of stuff. Why that person left that out it beyond me, or else that person never really went and just took the word of someone else saying it was a great place. Sorry that happened to you.

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