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Default Cruises too short

Just a random rant here, I don't think I would take any cruise less than five days (and even that is pushing it) unless I lived within a half days drive of the cruise terminal. (I don't think that will happen here in Denver). Why would I spend hundreds of dollars to be squeezed into a cramped seat for hours, have the kid behind me practice for the World Cup on my chair, have the one in front lean back so I get a whiff of the person's shampoo, Have the airlines feed me a bag of peanuts that could barely keep a parakeete alive, and have some baggage handler toss around my luggage like suitcase tossing was about to become an Olympic sport, and he was a gold medal favoirte, only to turn around and do it again four days later? I can understand why people want to take the shorter cruises (lack of money and vacation time amongst them), but if I have to fly in, then I want at least a full week of ship life to compensate for the airport ordeals.
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