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Default Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

Thomas ...

Being the "aunt" of a Seeing Eye dog, I know they don't require tickets. Blind people are generally seated at a forward bulkhead so the pooch can park on the floor.

I am, however, troubled by what DriversEd said. I don't think there has been anything but empathy for overweight people who have no control over their obesity. For the most part it was a logical, well-reasoned discussion about one airline's policies. As a former flight attendant, I agree with the policies.

As to "Who's First in Line" I think Limey Neil was a great help in explaining policies and procedures. There was a lot of talk without a lot of facts. Neil gave us the facts. And we are better for the knowing.

Every now and then in almost any discussion of anything but the most benign subjects, there will be a smart crack or two. But, for the most part the CM boards are extremely civil and well-moderated.

I encourage everyone to remember that this is the "Cruise Gripes" Forum where opinions are the norm, rather than straight-out advice-giving/asking which is the norm for other forums.

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