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Default Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

How can SW airlines accomodate someone's disability if they don't know they have one? Do most obese people realize they are disabled? Obviously not or they would have notified the airlines of their handicap and passengers wouldn't have been bumped from their flight. Airlines have to accomodate a large population of passengers, not just the disabled. If I need a wheelchair, I wouldn't blame the airline for not having one ready for me when I didn't tell them.

The extra coach fare is still far less than one first class ticket. People were fine with the fact that buying more space cost more money. Now you know not to bother buying a 1st class ticket if I want to spread out, all I have to do is buy 2 coach. And there's no dress code requirements and you still save $500 by giving up the steak and cocktails. I can't believe it hasn't caught on.
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