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Default Re: Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

Pamda, as you are a former flight attendant, I'd like your take on some related issues. It seems that SW is planning on a surcharge for the obese so they can fit them in their coach section (it' only one they've got) which is the most cramped in the skys. But what about non-obese people who cant fit in those ity-bity seats. Like the skinny guy who is just very tall? Those guys I saw on a plane the other day who looked like NFL linebackers, who had 0% body fat but were just huge? The woman who is just "a little bit pregnant"? The person with arthritic legs who can't contort them to fit, in light of SW's lack of legroom"?

Then, of more importance,what about safety issues? As hard as it is to get up and out of those seats, and as narrow as the aisles are, what would happen in an emergency evacuation, and at what cost? Then since the tragedy of 9-11, passengers have been encouraged to fight anyone who tries to take over the plane. From my brief hand to hand combat training in the Air Force (Rick could comment better as he was/is a Marine), I don't think there is adequate room to fight is a SW cabin!

So, I suggest the problem is that the cabins are just too tight tor far too many people and/or activities. Not just the obese. What do you think?
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