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Default Re: Re: Top 10 Lg.-Ship Cruise Lines

Actually, it can be a gripe. Too many people seem to take so much stock in these cruise polls, when they're very UNscientific. For instance, Cunard is near the bottom of the list. They have far fewer people cruising on their ships than on other lines, therefore chances are, there will be fewer votes automatically. Same for Crystal, yet they get the top nod. Who does the voting? Can they be sure the people aren't trying stuff the ballott box?
The same applies to the Cruise Critic polls and Condé Nast polls. For much of last year Ocean Princess was near the top consistently, now they're nowhere to be seen. Why? Worsening service? Fewer cruisers who go to that web site?
Or are the polls just indicative of internet-savvy people? What ages voted? Demographics can't be tracked at all.
To me, these polss are pretty much useless...
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