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Default Re: Are you complaining?

I, for one, am STILL complaining! I realize we only get the same group of readers on here but I really appreciate the opportunity to share bad and good experiences (even with "RCI"). "RCI" represents 12 of my 22 cruises and I am STILL having trouble getting a supervisor to respond to my complaint (even though "Crown and Anchor" did take 2 mailings to mail me a discount voucher and they said they have requested that a "customer service manager" contact me). No discount voucher will placate me, I want answers as to why their customer service was so poor regarding one specific cruise (and yes I documented names and dates). On the positive side, I still recommend "Radiance class" ships people who ask questions on the "RCI" message board. Still love to cruise, just want the best cruise experience I can find!
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