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Default Re: Re: Pardon me, may I sit there?

Wouldn't you feel like a jerk occupying a table when someone else needed a place to sit to eat. Sheeeeesh, what inconsiderate fools. But then we go back to the debate about dressing in the dining room, and smoking on the wrong side of the ship, and saving deck chairs and the mantra that "it's my vacation and I'll do whatever I want" bit!

Many years ago I dated a girl from Ireland who was over here on a student exchange program. We went out to dinner and after dinner I noticed a waiting line to get into the restaurant. After paying the bill I suggested we leave and this lovely girl from Ireland insisted we stay so she could enjoy a cigarette. I mentioned that there were people waiting to sit down and dine and her comment was a bit of astonishment that "you Americans are so considerate!" I'll always remember that. I haven't chalked up many "thumbs up" and have to bank all that I get.

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