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Shari 2
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Default Re: SW airlines Overweight fare

Hi everyone:

Just looking back at past posts, and thought I would comment on this one. Did anyone ever think of the times we go to a concert, and can't see a thing because someone tall is sitting in front of us, or the time on a plane that a baby is next to us screaming the whole way, or the time the person next to us has the flu and is coughing the whole flight to Hawaii( this happened to me) and then you have the flu for the whole cruise; or the person who sits next to you at a concert or at church where you can't get up and move and, they are doused in perfume and you get migraine headaches from perfume? How about the people who smoke next to you even when it's in non=smoking and you get bronchitis and wheezing from cigarettes?

How do we charge all these annoying people for disturbing us? Have a heart people. Let's love one another.

God Bless!
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