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OK, now that I've complained about the derth of gripes recently, I guess I should get a few off my list. What's up with people "bogarting" the view? I was recently on my first (of many, I hope) cruise - inside passage. On a couple occasions, I'd placed my daughter's stroller at a point where I was not blocking anyone's view and where no one was blocking ours either. Both times, there was a point at which I'd inched the stroller back from the railing a bit and bent down to provide a snack for my daughter (1 year old). When I stood up again just a minute of two later, I discovered that someone had squeezed into position directly in front of us, thus rendering our position without a clear view.

Another time, while on a shore excursion boat (whale watching), I'd taken my daughter to the bathroom for a diaper change... trying to be considerate of my fellow travelers by not exposing them to the pungent scent. I left my backpack on the bench where we'd been sitting right beside the window for the previous hour. I was gone no more than 5 minutes and upon my return, I saw that a woman had taken our seat - just as a pod of Orca were spotted off our bow. She sat there for the next 15-20 minutes as I tried to subtly indicate "I'm back, please vacate my spot" while the pod frolicked beside us - sometimes coming within a few feet of the hull. Once the pod had moved on, she "graciously" let us back to our previous spot.

I know I should not have let these people off without some comment but I was taught manners. Any suggestions for what I can do when this happens again?

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