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Dean Renner
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Unfortunately -- and I have no explanation for why this is -- we are now living in the "me" world, as opposed to the "we" world.

It seems to me that many persons these days are concerned only with themselves, disregarding the concerns of others.

I'll give you a recent example: Our county provides curb-side leaf pick-up once per month this time of year. The county asks us to pile our leaves up out in the street, 18 inches from the curb, and a sweeper will come by on the designated week, and sweep them up. Well, we piled up our leaves Sunday, as the county tells us only which week they will sweep the leaves, not the exact day. So, what happens? We've had people drive right through our leaves (piled about knee-high) and spread them all over the street, necessitating our re-sweeping them into a coherent pile -- nothing like being courteous and driving around them. We've had our neighbor park his truck right next to our leaves the night before the sweeper came, and blocked its approach to sweep up our leaves. The sweeper did manage to sweep up about 1/2 of our leaves, but now we either have to wait another month for the sweeper to come back, or we need to pile them in our yard, so that they're off the street, and then re-pile them back into the street for next month.

How would it be if everyone considered the concerns of others, in addition to their own concerns, and made the world a better place through their efforts........................

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