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I beg your pardon? I'll assume you were kidding when you said if I "left the kid at home your problems would be solved". My child's presence did not cause the rude behavior on the part of others so I do not see how her absence would have prevented it. I paid full fare for her (infant rates only apply when there are two full paying fares in the same cabin... an assumption that seems to penalize single parents) so she had just as much right to be there as did those who inserted themselves in our way. Leaving to change her diaper could just as easily have been a trip to the snack bar for hot chocolate. Turning from the view to give her a snack might have been instead turning to my neighbor to comment on the lovely view, turning to look for a friend, etc. Just because these occurances all happened at times I was otherwise occupied with my child's care does not mean that I would not have similar experiences when she wasn't there... OK, I'll get out of my "protective mother mode" now.

I'm also of the "vertically challenged" group and wonder the same thing many times. The only time I want to be behind someone taller is when the camera is pointed my way... ;->
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