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First of all let me express my regret for your wife. I will keep her in my prayers. Now to the refund. Call and talk to the customer relationship dep. Ask for someone in charge like a manager. Talk to the highest ranking person at this departement. Explain them your story and offer them a letter from your doctor too. I too had to cancell 2 cruises last year because we went to germany.Not a very big emergency but all my family memebrs are ill. The first cruise I received all my money back and the second cruise which was less then 60 days away I had to pay a I think $800 penalty. If you booked the cruise last year in the brochure the penalties for canceling are different then in the new catalog.Check your brochure...Lets see old catalog 7 night cruise 60 or more days no charge 59-30 days deposit amount 29-8 days 50% of total price 7 or less no refund. They must give you the money catalog : 7 night 70 or more days no charge 69-30 deposit amount 29-8 50%of total price etc. If you have the old brochure which is valid until2002-2003 march/april you should be all set. Sorry this took so long..again good luck and let me know how you made out If you need the old brochure ask and I am sure soemone will send you one.its the one that has the lady swimming with sting rays...They have to honor those prices and rules for the month advertised....

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