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With all due respect, and joining with the others wishing your wife well, I must say that the cancellation penalties are clearly publicized in the cruise line brochures. Insurance, as I have often stated in these premises, is a must in my opinion. No one in my family and none of my friends, including me, would I ever let book a cruise without Insurance.

I don't know where you draw the line. How about someone who needs sudden open heart surgery... and will recover fully... how about pneumonia... how about a broken ankle? Where would you expect the cruise line to draw the line about exceptions? Inside of 60 days it becomes increasingly difficult to sell empty cabins. Should the line lose that revenue even after it advised people of the penalty?

What we often have is someone who is fully aware of the penalties in place... and who tries to save the cost of the Insurance... and then, when tragedy strikes, tries to have it both ways... and get the refund that others have paid money to have guaranteed by Insurance. I know this sounds cold and hard... but I'd love to know why this poster did not purchase Insurance. He may have elected to take the gamble, and, unfortunately lost.

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