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Paul Beighley
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Default Poor Service On Carnival

During December, we cruised on Carnival Conquest form New Orleans, and during January, we cruised on RCI's Splendour from Galveston. Service on Splendour was far superior to that on Conquest perhaps because the tips on Conquest are automatically added to the Sign and Sail account. As one example, we had to specifically ask our attendant for ice on Conquest and then received it only once a day or not at all. On Splendour, it appeared twice every day without ever asking.

In the dining room, on Conquest we had to ask for ice tea each night, and then the glass was seldom refilled. On Spendour, we were asked if we wished ice tea the first night, and our water and tea glasses were never empty the whole cruise. On Splendour, fresh bread and rolls were always on the table and refilled as needed. On Conquest, a waiter appeared with a tray of bread at the beginning of dinner, served you what you wished, and bread never appeared again. Perhaps the waiters on Conquest were to busy getting ready for their nightly song and dance to give us proper service. I have seen reviews of Conquest where the entrees were served cold, because their delivery was interrupted by the nightly entertainment.

We have cruised on Carnival several times in the past when tips were handed out at the end of the cruise, and service was much better.
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