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Default Re: Poor Service On Carnival

>>Perhaps the waiters on Conquest were to busy getting ready for their nightly song and dance to give us proper service.<<

I cruised on the Carnival Spirit last year. I thought that the nightly waitstaff "entertainment" was semi-amusing for the first night or two.... it was my first cruise. By the third night I found some of the antics to be down-right awful! Please believe me, I am not a snob, I'm really easy to please and I love to have fun - but my idea of fun doesn't really include being dressed to the nines expecting a "formal dinner" and having a tuxedoed waiter don a bright purple frizzy clown wig, climb up onto a service table and gyrate his wazoolie while little old ladies wave dollar bills in the direction of his package- !! In the meantime- glasses went empty and people seemingly waited for their coffee and dessert!

The matre'd, with his signature "HELLLoooo!" which was echoed by the diners was to say the least.... ummm.... horrid! By the end of the cruise I was sure if I heard one more person yelling "HELLoooooooo!!" (in the elevators, out at the pool, anywhere!) I would scream!

Call me ignorant, but I thought he was a rather useless entity - other than introducing the other staff (who worke their butts off) and encouraging people to echo his "HeLLoooo!"... he didn't acknowledge our presence upon entering the dining room, nor did he help or direct us to our table the first night. Maybe I expected too much?

We were lucky and our head waiter and assistance were excellent. After the first night I always had iced tea the way I like it. Our wine was delivered and served promptly and properly as was our bar orders and after dinner cognacs, coffee etc. He took great care to provide both my husband and myself with the little extras that made us feel pampered and totally taken care of in every way. They were great. I just felt so bad for him when he had to go join that damn Macarena line....

I'm looking forward to experiencing another cruise line in March. I think I would cruise Carnival again after getting a taste of the other products out there.

Bottom line? I've learned it's a matter of diversity, your personal style and the hit-or-miss aspect of being paired with a waiter and assistants that are intuitive and willing to learn what you expect. It's up to us, the PAX to make our expectations known.

Just say NO to Macarena (lol)
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