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Default Re: Poor Service On Carnival

I'm with you, deja. I would be perfectly happy without the "performing" wait staff. Our first two cruises were on Carnival and that got old fast, especially when you've already seen the same routine once before. Besides, no thanks, I do NOT want to dance the Macarena, no matter how hard the assitant waiter tries to persuade me. Please leave me in peace to enjoy my coffee.

I suggest you try Celebrity. We took a weeklong cruise in December on the Millennium, and only once did the wait staff perform any sort of routine. It was a parade in which they carried the baked Alaska around the dining room. Compared to Carnival, very subdued, short, and sweet (especially when we ate the baked Alaska!) The lack of entertainment from the wait staff made the cruise much more enjoyable for us, and more dignified.

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