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Default PLEASE tell me how to pack soda, beer, wine in checked bagga

I've read a lot of posts, so I'm sure I'll get some negative comments for asking this question. Also sure I will get some help. This forum is great. First of all, let me say upfront that my motive is to save some my opinion cruising is quite expensive when you add the price of shore excursions and the ridiculously high cost of drinks. We are not rich and could afford the cruise but perhaps we can't afford to pay for drinks. My husband and I both drink about 3 Cokes per day, he drinks 2 or 3 beers if we're on vacation per day, and I like a glass of wine or two. I am not going to risk trying to get it on in carry on,,,there are too many different stories of it being consficated etc. I am going on Celebrity and one nice person emailed me and told me he carried it on without problem; however I've read others who did not. We plan on letting cruise line make plenty of profit on buying wine at dinner and buying some specialty tropical drinks...but we do want some to enjoy on our own.

So my queestion is (not whether it is OK or not) of HOW do you safely pack a twelve pack of coke, a twelve pack of beer, and 2 bottles of wine in checked luggage. Is this perfectly OK with airlines? Any suggestions of how to pack it so the wine bottles won"t break. WE will have 4 checked bags so I figure I can divide it all between the 4 bags.

Thanks for any answers

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