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Default Re: PLEASE tell me how to pack soda, beer, wine in checked b

Celebrity allows wine and champagne to be brought on board. You can bring it in your carry-on with no problem.

Liquor and sodas you will have to sneak on in your checked luggage. I wrap bottles in bubble wrap, then in clothing, to prevent breakage. Never brought on soda, so maybe someone else will have tips there.

Flying with all that extra stuff sounds like a hassle. Have you considered finding a store near the port where you can buy wine, liquor, and sodas before embarkation? Unless it is a very unique type of beverage, chances are you can find all the stuff you need very easily in your port city before you sail.

If you give us some more details, i.e. from which port you are sailing, if you are flying in the day before and if so at which hotel you are staying, etc., the readers of this board may be able to help you locate a place to purchase what you need.

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