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Default Re: Re: PLEASE tell me how to pack soda, beer, wine in check

I agree with Michelle. Best to buy your stuff after the plane trip. I believe you are allowed to bring soda on board with you on any line. Carnival tried to change this policy to exclude soda and water but I'm fairly certain they retracted that implementation because of customer outrage. So don't worry about soda.

If you're taking a 7 day cruise and your husband likes 2-3 beers a day that would mean packing a case for him. That's a lot of weight to put in a suitcase. When the baggage handlers toss that suitcase around the beer is going to get shook up. This can be very risky.

To pack wine or liquor put the bottle in a large zip-lock baggy and then wrapped in the bubble wrap and stored in some clothes. It will be fine. Or you can transfer it to a plastic bottle (water bottle for instance) and worry less.

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