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Default Re: Poor Service On Carnival

Hello All

I just returned from the Conquest, and I got the good and bad service reports for you.

The Good:
When I first got on board, I slipped the cabin "JANA" steward a tip, and told him I wanted my ice full at all times, it was! (He is transferring to the Glory in June) The asst to my server in the main dining room, was VERY nice "Monica", she talked with us, laughed, tried to care about what we did and we even got to ask her about her life, I also tipped her. We also saw her for breafast in the buffet cleaning tables too.

The Bad:
The official server in the main dining room, he only took the food orders, and NEVER cared aout what we did, ignored folks standing by the entrance (his section was the closest to the door-way). I did not feel he needed or earned more than the grat-I pre paid. Also I never once saw the maitre' d in our resturant, and it seems that he is not included in the pre-paid grat, but I also did not tip him. Also if you REALLY don't need to, don't fill out the Cont breakfast cards, we did it twice, and only got food once, and it was small portion, just get dressed and go to the buffet or to open seating dining, and you will fill your tummy.

If you have any questions, please ask them.

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