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Default Re: Re: Do We Gripe Too Much?

Is the napkin the thing that looks like the big handkerchief that they make the funny shapes out of and leave on your plate? I knew there was something you were supposed to do with that thing besides give it to the assistant waiter to make a swan out of. Thanks.
If I wear a wide enough tie, I can skip the shirt and save on laundry. This way we have a few extra bucks to buy wine and beer on shore and sneak it on in our check in baggage.
Then if I drink enough , I don't care about the food quality, the price of drinks, the ship rocking , the guy smoking or the old peopleon the ship (that is other old people besides me).
Is it ok for me to wear my Land's End Aqua socks with my tux? They are black and will save me the weight in my luggage of carrying patent leather shoes.
I want to get my moneies worth out of my tuxedo. Do you think I would look out of place wearing it every night and for disembarking the ship?
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