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Default Re: Do We Gripe Too Much?

People look at things different ways.

For example, not only have I had construction woes, my mother needs open-heart surgery and our aviary was infected with beak & feather disease because we had to evacuate 50+ birds from a forest fire last Sept. that ate up 3500 acres, 35 homes and came within two houses of ours. The only place that would take in that many birds was a vet's office. We only found out last week that we're infected. I've had a bad time lately.

So I could go into my next cruise thinking that, for the money I spent, I should have a perfect experience. But I don't think that way. Some people do though.

Me, I just keep thinking I wasn't born in Iraq, Ethiopia, whatever. I'm lucky despite all the challenges. I can still cruise and even when I can't I'm still lucky to be an American.

Things can go wrong, things have gone horribly wrong lately, and believe me, I'm going to carry a salt shaker with me at all times, because if the ship sinks and we're stranded on an iceberg and have to start eating people, no way could I do it without salt.

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