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Default People who are rude to the staff.

On our 5/8 cruise on Imagination we were lucky enough to get a table for two at dinner. We were seated about three feet away from another couple at a table for two. It became a habit of ours to observe this couple.

The first night, the couple ordered off the menu with no substitutions. As the cruise went on, the man became more and more rude to the wait staff. While I see nothing wrong with making special requests, I got the feeling that this man was making demands simply because it gave him a feeling of power.

By the last night, his order was, "I'll have both salads. But with the vinagrette they served at lunch on both of them. And I'll take the turkey. But just with gravy. And I'll have the grilled zucchinni from this entrée but with the tomato sauce from this entrée."

The waiter brought him his first salad, and he said, "Do you have the other salad ready?" The waiter responded in the affirmative and instead of saying, "I'd like it now, please," the man simply pointed repeatedly at the table.

When the main course was brought out, there was something not right about it. The man argued (I couldn't quite hear) and then said, "just gimme the menu." He then pointed at various menu items explaining what he wanted. He finally just said condescendingly, "Just give me the turkey, just turkey, no side dishes."

I could see that the poor waiter was running himself ragged trying to provide good service to this man. But the man simply could not be pleased. I really sensed that he felt superior to the wait staff and felt like he could order them around because it gave him a feeling of power. He was not at all polite. Never once did he say "please" or "thank you."

What's up with people? Just because the staff are "mere" waiters and have foreign accents does not mean they do not have feelings. I felt like I was observing the way colonials treated the natives back in the time of imperialism.

It's fine if you have special meal requests. But at least be nice about it!

Michelle B.

Land Cruise, Britain and Belgium

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