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Default Re: People who are rude to the staff.

Michelle , you are probably lucky that this person was at the adjacent table and not sharing a table with you. After beating up the waiter with his ridiculous requests he would have followed up by trying to get you to agree with him that his requests were not unreasonable. I don't know why people like that cruise because nothing satisfies them and they are never happy.
Two salads shouldn't have been aproblem, but the mix and match entre might have been. It would have been easier to order all the different entres and just eat what he wanted off of each one.
Think about the poor woman with him . She has to put up with him every day .
Probably the worst part of it will be that the inability to perform all these impossible tasks will end up in this guy using the situation as an excuse to stiff the wait staff on their tip.
Have you booked the round the world cruise for your honeymoon yet? Speaking of that, I can almost guarantee that you will have one guest at the wedding who is a clone of that guy. No matter what you serve, they will want something else.
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