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Default Re: Re: People who are rude to the staff.

On the second day of a 12 night cruise we had a new couple join our table for 8, as they didn't care for their "servers " on the first night, they said.
Well, we soon discovered that they were both extremely difficult and gave the waiter and assistant a hard time from the very beginning.
The gentleman orderd a "head of lettuce" to start, and when it was served, cut up, he complained that the head of lettuce was not intact, as he orderd it, and he refused to eat it this way. His wife ordered a little bit from this and a little bit from that entree etc., and most of that went back to the kitchen with changes requested. The second night was a repeat of this.
On the third night, when the lady was ordering her special menu, and couldn't decide what exactly to order, a very nice lady at our table said simply to her: "Why don't you order just anything, as you plan on sending it back again"..
Needless to say, they didn't show up at our table again, and we asked our waiter to please remove the 2 chairs, as we were not taking any more chances with complainers, and have them spoil our wonderful cruise.
We kept in touch with the other 2 couples, and sometimes still chuckle about it.
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