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Default Re: the British invasion

As a person born in the U.K.of mixed parentage and a cruiser,I just have to agree with what has been said about Brits. on holiday.Our last cruise on the Mercury-trans/canal thankfully didn't have many Brits.on it,but they definately made their presence felt.
At San Diego port we were in the marquee for security checks-the complaints started-why is there no seating?its too hot in here-why haven't we all got a cold drink?etc,etc.Once on board-dont like the colour of the carpet-why has all the buffet gone?-WHAT NO LAUNDERETTE?!!(this has become our catchphrase now when we browse the brochures)-but why can't we use our iron in the cabin?-as you can imagine we made the decision that if we spotted a fellow Brit.we would take a quick about turn,we were so ashamed at their behaviour we preferred the company of the non-Brits.
Thank goodness most Brits. stick to P.O.!!
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