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Default Re: Re: cruisemates in general

We, (Mike Mastel, Donna Nye, or myself), delete inapproprate posts as soon as we see or hear of them and do so without comment publically. To do so would give these sick people meaning. What we do is trace the ISP and notify thier server or in a couple of cases their employer which results in losing access to the Internet or in a couple cases fired from their jobs. These boards and this website is too valuable a tool for too many people to allow this to occur.
As to the other 'complaints'...these are articles written in the past and when written information was timely. Rather like reading an article that was published last year, we don't update every article but it stands as written. New articles come out all the time but again, in time they will no longer be current. People do like to refer to older articles which is why they are archived.
Are we all on vacation, hardly, we are all working very hard finding new and better things to report. We are growing at a tremendous rate and so much is going on and so many new things are happening we are just trying to keep up with what is what! <G>

24 cruises and counting!
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