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Default Re: cruisemates in general

Phil... The site is growing all the time. On average two or three new articles each week, will appear on the CruiseMates home page.
Aside from those, if you scroll down the home page, on the right hand side, there's a link to other "recent" articles.

The remaining articles are archived for people to be able to read as they search the site. I'd hate to have all the FABULOUS articles I've written since I joined CruiseMates just thrown in a trash bin after a few weeks <G>

The articles you refer to are mostly likely dated, as are the links. That can happen, however I don't think small glitches like that take away from the invaluable information available on the site, even in dated articles.

As for your request for info on our Baltic Cruise, I have to say I am suprised to hear you didn't get a response. There is a toll free phone # in the promo. If you're still interested, I'd call rather e-mail.
Even though we use e-mail extensively, I really believe its not that reliable a communications tool. Someone opens an e-mail, and then even with good intentions to go back and deal with it, forgets. With a phone call you're sort of "in their face".

As for the occassional troll. On a site that's visited by over 100,000 unique visitors in a month, that is simply going to happen once in awhile. As Jim said, the boards are monitored, and inappropiate posts are deleted as soon as possible.

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