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Default Prepaid tips..NO like!!

This may well belong in the tipping site, but it is a gripe of sorts. (maybe just an observation.) Well, we're back from Alaska and have had our first experience with prepaid tipping. I don't think I like it. I noticed that the service was lacking as far as the dining room staff was concerned. I was constantly having to ask for tea, coffee, and water refills, no matter what room, or what meal was involved. One night everyone else had almost finished their salads and I was waiting for mine when the waiter came and cleared my salad fork off the table. I was talking to my tablemates and did not notice this untill someone mentioned it. I replied "I guess this means I'm not getting my salad ". I mentioned this to the waiter and he appologized and went for my salad. It took about 10 minutes and by this time the others had their entrees. My salad and entree finally came at the same time. This in itself is NO big deal, I'm just mentioning it. This has happened in restaurants at home and no one is perfect. At the indoor / outdoor cafes the tables were not cleaned as quickly as I have noticed on pre-inclusive tips cruises. A few times wait personell would walk by dish loaded tables and not even look twice at them. I had to motion to them a couple of times to clear dirty dishes from our table. Some of the offerings on the steam tables were allowed to run out while servers acted as if they did not know what to do which caused lines to stall. I must applaud the room service at all times, as they answered the call all hours of the day and night,and were tipped for each trip. No problem. I don't want this to be a stumbling block for anyone, as its just MY observation. I think in the future we will just have the tips removed and tip accordingly. It could have just been the cruise line. I believe we will avoid them in the future. These few sticky points may be very isolated and should not dissuade anyone from cruising. JMVHO.
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