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Default Re: People who are rude to the staff.

I only scanned most of these appends, but in the end, I think it comes down to some folks NEED to feel a sense of power and priviledge above others. That's what drives bigotry, dictators, cast systems, etc. I think people like tihs would REALLY enjoy a cruise, because, where else does a mere mortal have so MANY people serving them, and whose wages depend on their tips (or at least their job if a passenger complained enough). There is no reason for anyone to be condoscending or demeaning to others. Treat people with respect, and they will treat you with respect. I love the append above about "spittting in the salad". I know for a fact things like this happen in some if not most restaurants to rude patrons. Think about it, you're insulting and bemeaning someone who is going to bring you food from a location where you didn't see it prepared. Geez, anything could happen while the food is out of sight (and believe me, I've heard horror stories from sisters who were waitresses).I digress though, in the end, there is no excuse for such behavior. If you are that displeased with the service and have not been able to handle it civilly, then ask to speak to the Maitre'd or head waiter. That's one of the rolls of these people.

To be honest, I've been amused by how much folks complain about service and food on ships. I grew up in the rural south, so my tastes are simple I guess having not dined frequently in 5 star restaurants. I love fine food, but I'm also very happy with a good vegetable plate, or chicken breast. I find the food on cruise ships, pretty much in all venues, way above average, and that in the dining rooms very good (Carnival) to excellent (Celebrity). My wife actually prefers Carnivals food over Celebrity because it is simplier and "less exotic" I guess. On Fodor's site I had put some appends asking where in Paris one could find simple fare, American or otherwise (my wife has a fairly limited and simple palatte). I ways amazed at how poorly I was treated on that forum, as if I was subhuman and didn't desire to go to Paris if I wasn't going to indulge in haut cuisine. Oh well, it didn't phase me, I went to Paris for what I was interested in doing in Paris, not what others thought I should be enjoying.
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