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Default Re: People who are rude to the staff.

One of the cruises we were on, during open seating for lunch, a mother and daughter were at all table (luckily it was just one time). Right away they started being rude to the wait staff and talking to them like they were idiots. I was really embarassed to be sitting at the same table with them and I didn't even know them. Later they honored this lady because she had taken over 100 cruises with this cruise line and they all catered to her every whim and if they didn't know who she was, she was very rude to them. She acted like she owned the ship. Her and her daughter cruised two to three times a year and they said they got the money from being disabled (although the only disability that was apparent to me, was the fact that they were both so obnoxious). It was a RCCL cruise.
I like the cruise line and I'm also a diamond member (this lady made a big deal about that also). I just hope on my next RCCL cruise I'm not dining with either of them.
Happy Cruising......
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