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Default Re: Re: Stay home if you're FAT!

I do have to put my 5 cents in here too! Last year i lost 50 pounds on Atkins and felt great. In the last 6 month I re gained 20 pounds...I ended up in the emergency room with high blood pressure, high sugars and high cholesterol. Needless to say i am back on my diet to regain my health back. Blood pressure is normal again so are sugars. And all this in over 1 week of Atkins and meds.

fact is overweight people are looked upon in a demeaning way and this is wrong. But the other fact is obese/fat people are most likely sick with other things like high BL,sugars etc. It is a known fact if you loose weight the other dangers will dramatically reduce.The other fact is the food pyramid is wrong and we have been taught to eat cheap food, high in carbs and sugars.Until this is changed people will continue to eat wrong and die of related illnesses. Ending up on a stretcher in the emergency room made me realize hey...there is life without a hot fudge sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never be real skinny but if I am healthy I have won the battle! So loose some weight and begin to be healthy

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