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Default Re: Stay home if you're FAT!

horray for standing up for us 'larger than live size people. i think we should concentrate on the person we meet and not the shell that covers us up. i have to admitt i have been dieting to improve my health and not have to buy a new wardrobe 'again' because i outgrew another set of clothes. but i am happy with who i am, dress nicely and stylishly and have a great time no matter what i am doing. i work very hard for my money and this is my vacation to enjoy myself and and be at the pool or were ever on the ship along with everyone else. these people that are rude and think "we " should stay home are the ones who should be on another ship made especially for the 'perfect figured person'. HAHAHAHA--GOOD LUCK. i like who i am and enjoy being with all types of people. anyone past a size 14 i hope to see you on the deck!!!
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