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My husband & I have talked about several different ways to speed up embarkation. Here's one idea we had. Everyone show's their ID, like you would at the airport. Have all your paper work (which has been mailed to you prior to the cruise) filled out completely. Get on the ship, and go to your cabin. In your cabin is your sign & sail card already coded with your credit card info, the cabin stewart comes in and checks you in, takes a quick photo and attaches it to your card. (or put your card in a hand held machine like the one where you put your card in and it embeds your photo onto it). If you want to change your cc info, you take it to the pursers office and they encode it there.
I'm sure there are different ways of speeding up this process. They could even mail your sail & sign cards along with the cruise documents and all you would have to do is put your card in the machine to have your photo embedded on it. Have someone checking your ID when you get to the camera area. I just feel these long lines could be somewhat avoided. There are always going to be a few passengers that have to be checked in the "old" way for various reasons - for get their card, don't use c. cards ect... but those would be few and far between.

Any other idea's out there??

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