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Let's not get political here. A partisian political discussion would probably get removed from the board anyway. Suffice it to say that I usually vote a split ticket -- last time for more Republicans than Democrats due to the candidates and issues. But again, I know a lot of life long, totally loyal Republicans who disagree with select items on the current adgenda, and one of these is the handling of interpretation and lack of enforcement of ADA. As my wife has MS and, on a less serious note, I have arthritic feet, ADA is a sensitive issue with me.

As we have cruised a lot recently, we have seen a definite relationship between ship size and embarkation lines, crowds, and waits. The last ship we sailed that is not a "small ship" was the RCI Grandeur of the Seas which carries a max of around 1800 pax, I think. While it wasn't the "breeze on" process of very small ships, it was totally reasonable, and not overly burdensome to those with disabilities. The same was true for reboarding at the ports. When I see ships of over 2000 capacity embarking and boarding at the ports, I begin to see problems. When you get to the mega ships, it can be a horror story at embarkation and port reboarding. So for those for whom long embarkation lines and reboarding lines are an issue (they are with me), I recommend confining you bookings to ships with fewer than 2000 guests, to lessen the probability of these horror stories.

Drawing the line at 2000 (or fewer if possible) should leave Jack and all others looking for low cost cruises plenty of options.

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