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Default Re: Stay home if you're FAT!

Interesting topic...especially for me ( a fat person ) going on my first cruise in Dec.

Lets examine some proven facts...

In all societies, attractive people are rewarded...strange thing about it is that society
plays a major role in defining what attractive means.

In American society today, attractive people make friends easier, they land jobs
easier, etc. etc.

Sociologists have study after study proving this. TazRider is correct in saying that being overweight is the last accepted (legal?) great prejudice in America. I can't imagine it is as bad as cruisequeen sometimes gets (unfortunatly) as a little person, but the prejudice does travel down the same branch of the tree.

That being said, I find it interesting that many overweight people choose to dress in a way to accentuate their weight as oppose to minimize it. Yes, I know, to enjoy the pool one should put on a bathing suit...I do...but not a speedo.

To those of you who say, "overweight people should be able to wear whatever they want" and "if you are looking at other people while you should be enjoying cruises, you've got problems"..well you people ARE ABSOLUTLY RIGHT.....


I don't always get to hang out with people like you...I have to face the rest of the world too, and people are...well...people, and they will do things and observe things and make judgements by what they observe.

I suspect we all do this to a degree. For myself, its all those people with metal and peircings, and rings, and whatever protruding from their faces (and other places). I bet there are some great people in that crowd, but I just am not inclined to go chat with them for the heck of it.

Now here is where it all comes to a head. Do I think negative things about those people? (as wrong as it may be?) Yes. Do I say something about it to them? No. Why? Becasue that would be rude. Rude. Disrespectful. Uncaring.

And those three words are really the problem...maybe we could add in "assuming"...but I am not sure. If a 450 pounder comes to the pool in a speedo or thong, I am going to notice...heck, everyone will notice. Would I ever do that? No way...I don't mind attention, but I want it for my sense of humor, or thoughtfull conversation or (wink) charming good looks. (sorry, couldn't resist) But I choose not purposely attract attention to my size. But if that person did, would I go tell them not to? NO. Why? Rude. Disrespectful. Uncaring.

Ok..sorry for the rant, but there is probably more than 2 cents worth.


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