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Default Re: Re: Not following dress code

To those that give the excuse that they paid for their cruise and should be allowed to do as they please how about looking at it from the other side. We ALSO paid for our cruise and have been told there are certian rules and expectations and we expect those rules to be followed? I would not want to go to an expensive dining facility for a romantic dinner that portents to have a 'fine dining' experiance and has a sign on the door that says coat and tie recommended and have some group plop down at the next table in cutoffs and sleeveless shirts! Two sides to the story and I say get over your selfish attitude. There are rules of etiquette that reasonable and civilized people should try and follow. Maybe that is part of what is wrong with todays society, too many people flaunting the rules of good behaviour. Of course I also get ticked off at people wearing hats while eating, and I don't much care where it is.

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