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Default Re: Not following dress code

Was out for dinner a couple of days ago and saw something that impressed me--- a fellow actually took off his baseball cap when he came in. I really felt like going over and congratulating him for having some manners.

As far as the debate over cleaning up / not cleaning up on cruises, I am afraid it is pointless to even hope it will change for the better. It's been said so many times before --IF the cruise lines would only stop people at the door who aren't properly dressed, it would solve the problem. I really don't think a cruise line would lose many customers because they weren't allowed in the dining room in shorts, tanks, etc.

The one thing that I simply can't understand is why some people feel they can't clean up one week out of the year. I feel everyone knows when they go on a cruise that there are guidelines that are supposed to be adhered to re/ dress for dinner. If a person feels they can't comply, then book NCL or some other line that has no guide lines.

I have never seen anyone turned away from the dining room on any cruise line regardless of how they were "dressed" but have seen people turned away from nice restaurants for their lack of dress. Whats the difference?
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