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Default Re: Not following dress code

Do you really go on a cruise to look at other people and what they wear?
This kind of hyperbole seems like an attempt to discredit those who advocate following a dress code. No, we don't go on a cruise just to look at what other people wear. Nor do we go on a cruise just to make sure that people don't cut lines at the buffet or just to make sure that people wear the right size of swimwear. That kind of false argument is a cheap shot to discredit those with an opposing view.

Following the mandated dress code is just one of many things that help make a cruise experience more pleasant. It's not the most important thing about cruising. No one would make such a claim. Don't portray those who attach some importance to it as obsessive, intolerant fogies. It's only completely unimportant to people who are unconcerned with the sensibilities of their fellow passengers..


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