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Default Re: Re: Not following dress code

Let's not get personal Ron, there are more people than Gilly and Paul B. who feel that it's not anything to get your knickers in a snit about( regarding what others wear for formal night) . As for advising others to take a different cruise line, perhaps the same could be said for the people who really want and need everyone to dress formally, there are cruise lines like Seaborn and Crystal where the atmoshpere is quite formal. Princess, Hal., RCCL., etc. are in fact mid market mass cruise lines.They are for the bulk of the cruise market, they are not the elite.
As to the scenerio painted in a post about someone's wife being dressed up with done up hair and jewels, yuck it sounded kind of like he wanted to show off his wife. It kind of creeped me out. Just so you know, I dress up for formal night, but I really do not care what others do, as long as they have pleasant personalties I don't care if they came to dinner in their underwear (lol) My one stipulation is no body odour! (Or at least not much, lol)

This is always a hot topic on any board and I don't think anyone will ever finish or win this argument, so let's just agree to disagree and hopefully people will enjoy thier cruise regardless.

Wait great idea!! What about if on formal night people who have cruised on Princess and therefore have a choice insist that when seated ( in the personal choice dining room) that they will not sit at a table with people who are not attired properly. I mean they shouldn't be mean about it, just firm, maybe the maitre'd would be fussier about who he admitted to the dining room. Just a thought.
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