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Default Re: Not following dress code

Dear PG;
Wasn't getting my knickers in a snit nor really trying to get " personal "---if you read the first sentence I said " not meaning to stir the pot or any disrespect "--
just trying to find out how other people feel and reach their conclusions.
How can we " agree to disagree " if we can't learn where the other person / people are coming from?

About a mile from my house is a fine old Victorian style hotel with a fine restaurant.
Shorts and casual clothes are ok for breakfast and lunch. Come dinner time, they require at least a coat. Why would I venture there for dinner wearing shorts, cap and etc. knowing full well before I go what they require as far as dress for dinner? I have seen people turned away because of their lack of dress. Was it " snooty, uppity, a class thing, etc--"---no. Just that they set the rule and if you want to comply, fine. If not, thats fine too but you don't get in. Not really too difficult to understand.
Just trying to understand how some can't or won't comply and think that because there are "rules" or dress "codes " that that makes us who do respect and comply with same "uppity, snooty, rich, stinky, mothballie, showing off our wives, etc, etc. "
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