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Default Re: Re: Stay home if you're FAT!

I don't think it very nice to hear that some of you people feel it's o.k. to assume that thinner people are"into themselves" or that thin people are always"miserable becaue thy are dieting". Wrong . Some people are thin just because that's how they were made. Some people are not thin becasue that is the way THEY were made.

There are health issues with obesity but it seems to me that siting the health issues can be an insincere reason for for bringing up people's weight. People love to judge people , we all do at one time or another. It's an aspect of human nature that we all need to work against. It is as one poster said that "obesity is the one remaining legal prejudice" . That all said I have to be honest and admit that secretly I sometimes think " oh why is that very big person(fat) taking a second dessert " .I know that this is not nice and I do try and catch myself and say , "don't be so shallow they might be a really nice person with a hormone problem"But really even if it isn't a gland problem it still is not right for me or anyone else to judge a person based on their appearence.

That all said the one thing that does bug me is when I see a very big person with their children and they are buying their 5 year old an obsence amount of food, I have seen a large lady order her very young child( 5ish) 2 big macs and a milk shake. Just setting up the next generation with a life of being teased and unhealthy. I think that it is just too sad.
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