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Applause, applause PG!

Regarding the disabled, I have no problem at all with letting those folks in first etc. My mother is in a wheelchair parttime due to cancer radiation therapy from a couple years back (she is unable to stand for lengths at a time). She said the cruise staff is wonderful (taking them right to her table and whizzing the wheelchair out of sight). Also, in Europe, she said the French, English and Italians were fantastic in their dealings with folks with a disability.

But, back to the original topic, the best way in which to improve embarkation would be for more lines to arrange online check-in, such as Princess. We always zip right onto any Princess ship. I always write on my comment card, "W\hy don't more lines do it?" And on the opposite side, getting off the ship is great on Princess in that they tell you the order the colors will be called -- makes the waiting so much easier.

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