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It seems like a distant memory now, but two weeks ago I boarded the Crystal Harmony in San Francisco. I arrived fifteen minutes after the scheduled start of boarding expecting a long line and wait, but it was essentially a walk through with no delays at all. The difference was an extremely alert and helpful boarding staff who escorted passengers individually from beginning to end. They separated those who needed more assistance from those who were ready to go, so there were no holdups. People who needed more time because of disability or paperwork issues didn't hold up the rest and everyone was happy. I didn't even see the ship's photographer, although there must have been one since some people did opt for boarding photos. There were only 900 passengers to process in this case, but it ran like clockwork.

Debarkation was even smoother. I stayed in my cabin until fifteen minutes before my group was called [no annoying announcements, btw], then walked directly to the debarkation ramp and was on the street, bags in hand, in about two minutes. As with all of its service, Crystal knows how to do things right.

Stress-free boarding was due in large part to my not having to deal with any airports along the way. How pleasant it was not having to endure endless security checks and long lines with hurry-up-and-wait. I intend to give airlines as little business as possible until they streamline their check-in procedures.


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