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Default Re: Stay home if you're FAT!

Boy, there are a lot of hypocrits on this thread. I see a lot of mean comments towards skinny people. How is that any better than being mean to fat people? Oh well, this is the gripe board. Maybe the title of the thread should be "Stay home if you're skinny"

What I don't get (whether your skinny or fat) is that people don't dress according to their body types. My problem area is saddle bags. That means a 1 piece swimsuit isn't any better than a bikini. Dresses usually don't work for me because my top half isn't the same size as my bottom half. I don't wear slim skirts, I wear more "A" frame shape or looser flowing skirts. I just don't get how people haven't caught on to what works. I really don't care all that much about fashion, but why spend money on clothes that don't look right when I can by something that does.

I see so much criticism about people that don't dress up on formal night. Have you seen some of the formal wear? Most of it for women is sequins, or satin and other types of shiny material. HELLO!!! Those materials make everyone look fatter than they are. I don't agree with the theory that people look nicer when they dress up. Most don't look good because they don't know how to pick out their clothes.

Maybe I'm one of the critical people you all are speaking of, but I think it's constructive criticism.
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